RoundSphere is a technology company based in Athens, Georgia. We are constantly coming up with ideas and work on the most promising projects to develop them into full-time, successful businesses. RoundSphere provides some of the basic necessities such as project management, investment capital, payment processing, labor, cash-flow management, server hosting, and programming for our developing businesses.

Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings for the following positions in Athens, Georgia

Current Projects:

  • - A price-comparison site for selling used books. College students, small- to mid-sized book resellers, and anybody wanting to sell books around their home can use BookScouter to find out which company is buying their book for the highest price. BookScouter is lowering the barrier to entry for new book buyback sites by giving them immediate exposure. This is changing the way that book companies operate and determine their pricing. The more competition in this market means that sellers are getting more money for their used books.
  • - A company that creates high-quality tools for online sellers
  • - A SellerLabs tool that helps Amazon sellers to automate communication with their buyers and solicit feedback
  • - A set of simplified tools to access an Amazon Seller account. Tools include a Better Products API, and an SQL interface to the data for a seller account
  • Check-It Books - A small book reseller that specializes in using technology (including to increase profits and cash-flow
  • - A widget that knitters, crochetters, and yarn spinners can use to keep track of how much yarn they have gone through. The site creates a widget that users can place on their blogs and other websites. It is also completely integrated with a FaceBook App where user can do the same things.
  • - A specialized service created to cryptograpically sign API requests to several of Amazon's web services. Users generally have applications where creating the necessary signature natively is impossible or difficult.
  • Technology Services - We provide general-purpose and specialized hosting services.
  • ?????????? - We have many other projects in various stages of development and are excited about what the future holds